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The ICS is our Internal revenue Central System. This powerful product allows the full monitoring and automation of all tax and non-tax revenue activities; in any state of a country.
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Flying Revenue
The flying revenue refers to all revenue collection accumulate and accounted for electronically while taxpayers are on the move. Eg: the e-ticketing app used for issuing tickets to tax-payers which includes commercial vehicles.
Taxi/Cab |  Okada |  Bus |  Tricycle
Over 4 Million tickets issued this year
Agent Network
(Ticket Sales)
Tickets are generated for agents in batches to sale to taxi drivers, keke riders and other commercial vehicles in order to generate revenue for the state government.
Enforcement Network
Ministries and government agencies can now effectively adopt the use of our “e-Tax App” which empowers them to verify any citizen's individual information immediately the person’s state identification number has been provided.
The e-Tax App is available for download on AppStore and PlayStore for; Abia IRS and Enugu IRS respectively
ICS Backend
Tickets are purchased online by Ticketing Agents who are recognized by the state to sell tickets to commercial vehicle owners.
The ICS backend admin is also able to manage tickets sales, engage enforcers and monitor the lifecycle of each ticket with their respective tracking-ids.
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